Клавиатура Fujitsu Value Keyboard Usb Black Usa Layout 104 5,9f Line S26381-K511-L410

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Клавиатура Fujitsu Value Keyboard Usb Black Usa Layout 104 5,9f Line S26381-K511-L410

Продуктов номер: S26381-K511-L410

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18,90 лв.

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FUJITSU Value keyboard USB black USA Layout 104 5,9f USB line


Marketing Description
The Fujitsu keyboard KB410 is a high quality and functional keyboard. With its space saving design it is a good solution for every workplace. The ergonomic key design allows fast and precise work. It is the perfectly reliable input device for all everyday office tasks.
Product Features
  • Connects easily to every PC via standard USB interface
  • Slim and space saving design
  • Stress free and effective use through high contrast keys and ergonomic key design
  • Soft touch keys with slim key technology
  • Low noise
  • Abrasion-proof keys thanks to laser technology to write the keycaps
  • Full automated production line
  • High quality and function stability
Device Type Keyboard
Interface USB
Input Device
Keys Qty 104
Localization and Layout US
Features Blue LEDs, height-adjustable feet
Width 45.2 cm
Depth 15.8 cm
Height 2.35 cm
Weight 553 g
Colour Black
Cables Included 1 x keyboard cable - 1.8 m
Compliant Standards FCC Class B certified, CSA, TUV GS, VCCI, BSMI, SASO, RoHS, WEEE, KC
Software & System Requirements
OS Required Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited warranty - 2 years
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 0 °C
Max Operating Temperature 40 °C
Compatibility Information
Designed For Fujitsu Celsius C620, H7510, J5010, J550/2, J550/2-L, J580, M7010, M7010X, M7010Xpower, M720, M720 POWER, M720 PREMIUM selection, M720 proGREEN selection, M770powerx, R920, R920 POWER, R920 PREMIUM selection, R930, R930 POWER, W420, W420 proGREEN selection, W5010, W520, W520 POWER, W520 proGREEN selection, W580, W580power, W580power+
Fujitsu CELSIUS Mobile H970
Fujitsu ESPRIMO C710, C720, C910-L, D538/E85+, D538/E94+, D556/2/E85+, D556/2/E90+, D556/E85+, D556/E90+, D556/PX, D7010/8, D7011, D738/E85+, D738/E94+, D756/E85+, D756/E90+, D756/E94+, D757/E85+, D757/E90+, D757/E94+, D9010, D9011, D956/E85+, D956/E90+, D956/E94+, D956/LL, D956/M (International Energy Star Program), D957/E85+, D957/E90+, D957/E94+, D958/E85+, D958/E94+, E400 E85+, E510 E85+, E520 E85+, E710 E85+, E710 E90+, E720 E85+, E720 E90+, E910 0-Watt, E910 E85+, E910 E90+, E920 0-Watt, E920 E85+, E920 E90+, G5011, G558, G9010, K5010/24, K557/24, K558/24, P510 E85+, P520 E85+, P556 E85+, P556 E90+, P556/2/E85+, P556/2/E90+, P557/E85+, P557/E90+, P557/power, P558, P558/E94+, P710 E85+, P710 E90+, P710 PREMIUM, P720 E85+, P720 E90+, P756 E85+, P756 E90+, P756 E94+, P757/E85+, P757/E90+, P757/E94+, P758/E85+, P758/E94+, P910 0-Watt, P910 E85+, P910 E90+, P910-L, P920 0-Watt, P920 E85+, P920 E90+, P956 E85+, P956 E90+, P956/E94+, P956/LL, P957/E85+, P957/E90+, P957/E94+, P957/power, P958/E85+, P958/E94+, P958/power, P9910, PH556, Q510, Q520, Q520/K, Q556, Q556/2, Q558, Q7010, Q910, Q910 PREMIUM, Q920, Q956, Q956/MRE, Q957, Q957/MRE, Q958, Q958/MRE
Fujitsu FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance, S5010, S540, S7010, S740, S9010, S930, S940

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Производител FUJITSU
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