Геймърска Механична Клавиатура Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray, RGB, Red Switches, Low Profile

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Геймърска Механична Клавиатура Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray, RGB, Red Switches, Low Profile

Продуктов номер: CM-KEY-SK-622-GKTR1-US

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Геймърска Механична Клавиатура Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray, RGB, Red Switches, Low Profile


<p><strong>Геймърска Механична Клавиатура Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray, RGB, Red Switches, Low Profile</strong></p> <div class="product__titles"> <h1 class="product__title">SK622 SPACE GRAY</h1> <h2 class="product__subtitle text-glitch-2" data-text="Modern Looks, Classic Touch">MODERN LOOKS, CLASSIC TOUCH</h2> </div> <div class="product__summary"> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;hybrid wireless gaming keyboard takes a modern approach to the classic mechanical keyboard with low profile switches housed in a sleek chassis for a drool-worthy aesthetic. The 60% keyboard layout is outfitted with low profile mechanical RGB switches with upgraded ergonomic keycaps from the previous version for a typing experience that feels as good as the keyboard looks. Add in hybrid connectivity that lets you choose between wired or Bluetooth wireless use on both Mac and Windows devices, and you have the ultimate on-the-go keyboard for both work and play.</p> <h2 class="level-1">MODERN LOW PROFILE STYLING...</h2> <div> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;sports a bold new frontier for mechanical keyboards with version 2.0 of our&nbsp;<strong>SK600 series keyboards</strong>. Reduced travel distance and actuation point result in a keyboard with a slimmer profile for a more modern, sleek aesthetic. Combine that with a bare-minimum 60% format, and you have a high-performance mechanical keyboard in a body you can almost fit in your pocket. Almost. Unless you're a fan of cargo shorts then yea, it'll fit.</p> <h2 class="level-1">...NEW, IMPROVED KEYCAPS FOR CLASSIC TYPING FEEL</h2> <div> <p>We're taking your feedback to heart with the&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>. It features new, improved keycaps and adjustable feet for improved durability and, most importantly, a more intuitive typing experience. Get the same tactile feel of a heavy-duty keyboard in a slimmer, sexier body. Now that's what we call an upgrade.</p> <h1>(SAME SAME, BUT)<br />DIFFERENT</h1> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;takes the classic slim, minimal design of the most popular chiclet keyboard and injects it with the signature&nbsp;<strong>Cooler Master</strong>&nbsp;mix of flair and functionality. This includes a brushed aluminum top plate for durability and contemporary good looks, while a contoured floating key design gives you an extra dimension of cleaning functionality and signature beauty. The result is a keyboard that looks familiar, but feels unlike any other wireless keyboard you've used before.</p> <h2 class="level-1">GET ATTACHED - BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO</h2> <div> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;comes with hybrid wireless functionality, giving you the choice of clean, wireless freedom or stationary wired functionality.&nbsp;<strong>Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity</strong>&nbsp;features lower power consumption with minimal input lag, combined with a large internal battery that's rechargeable with the&nbsp;<strong>USB-C cable</strong>. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?</p> <h2 class="level-1">SEAMLESS MULIT-PLATFORM SUPPORT</h2> <div> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;is compatible across virtually every modern OS and device, with fast connectivity across both mobile devices and laptops - and Mac and Windows OS's.</p> <div class="sectionTitle6">RGB BACKLIGHTING AND LIGHTBAR</div> <div class="sectionDesc6">RGBs have never been more elegant than on the&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>, with per-key backlighting that's implemented with understated functionality in mind. Add in a lightbar that adds classy ambience to the setup, and you have the first mechanical keyboard that elevates backlighting to "pinky up" status.</div> <div class="sectionDesc6"> <h2 class="level-1">NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED</h2> <div> <p>When you're in a groove, the last thing you want to do is Alt + Tab out to adjust your keyboard settings. The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;combats that with an innovative&nbsp;<strong>On-the-fly System</strong>. Easily adjust per-key backlighting, switch lighting modes, and even record macros with just a few keypresses. Get the functionality of software without needing to have software bloating your system - saving you time and precious PC resources.</p> <h2 class="level-1">ACCURACY. REDEFINED.</h2> <div> <p>While in wired mode, the&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;uses N-key rollover technology that results in the most efficient, accurate anti-ghosting technology yet.&nbsp;<strong>N-key rollover</strong>&nbsp;ensures that every single keypress is correctly detected, even during your most heated, button-mashiest moments - or your chaotic crunch-time coding situations. Ready to take it wireless? For increased battery life, we employed auto-switching technology that gives you&nbsp;<strong>6-Key rollover</strong>&nbsp;for your on-the-go, portable lifestyle.</p> <h2 class="level-1">FAST, SEAMLESS PERFORMANCE</h2> <div> <p>Say goodbye to rage quits due to crappy hardware. The&nbsp;<strong>SK622</strong>&nbsp;comes equipped with a&nbsp;<strong>32-bit ARM Cortex processor</strong>&nbsp;for consistent precision and performance. Register keystrokes instantly. Save and execute commands and macros in a snap. Thanks to the&nbsp;<strong>On-the-fly System</strong>, get an instant advantage over your opponent and beat them to the punch every time.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>

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