Клавиатура MICROSOFT PL2 Wedge Mobile Keyboard Bluetooth

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Клавиатура MICROSOFT PL2 Wedge Mobile Keyboard Bluetooth

Продуктов номер: U6R-00021

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Наличност: Неналичен

139,90 лв.

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PL2 Wedge Mobile Keyboard Bluetooth Eng Intl Euro Hdwr


PL2 Wedge Mobile Keyboard Bluetooth Eng Intl Euro Hdwr

Ultra-slim keyboard MICROSOFT Wedge Mobile is designed to constantly being on the go users tablets running Windows 7 and Windows 8. (It also works with most devices with Android and iPad). Slim and weightless keyboard case is easy to carry, and a full-size set of keys that respond to light touch, provides a comfortable and efficient text input, so drafting long emails and documents will not be difficult.

Keyboard free from all superfluous. It is wireless, battery and is equipped with a device for communication over Bluetooth, which provides compatibility with a wide class of mobile devices. Also, the keyboard has no numeric keypad. Keyboard MICROSOFT Wedge Mobile is a minimalist but sophisticated design, giving the user the ability to only the necessary. Durable finish keyboard not only protects the device from scratches, but quickly transforms into a stand for your tablet, you can work or watch movies. After use, simply close the keyboard cover to turn it off before it folded into a bag or backpack. It is a portable device that is easy to handle. The very basis of the keyboard is made of a monolithic, that gives a sense of integrity and strength. Due to this Wedge Mobile can survive even the identity of camp life with possible falls and blows.

Допълнителна информация

Производител MICROSOFT
Език на клавиатурата Английски
Интерфейс Bluetooth
Начин на свързване Безжично
Безжична технология Bluetooth
Гаранционен срок (месеци) 24 месеца